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Sodium Phytate

Sodium Phytate

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Sodium Phytate is a natural chelating agent and serves as a natural alternative to EDTA. This material is fully neutralized and has a pH of ~12. It acts synergistically in combination with cosmetic antioxidants.

 This natural chelating agent is effectively inactivating metal ions by forming by forming a complex between the chelator and the metal. Metals can enter a cosmetic formulation from the production equipment, as impurities from ingredients (e.g. extracts, pigments) and from process water. In a cosmetic formulation metals promote oxidation reactions, may cause discoloration and impair the foaming properties of surfactants.

Sodium Phytate is used in combination with typical antioxidants (tocopherol, ascobyl palmitate) in all types of formulations that are susceptible for oxidation reactions to protect valuable ingredients like unsaturated oils or fragrance components. In rinse-off products Sodium Phytate is used to maintain the foaming properties in the presence of hard water or to prevent precipitation of insoluble salts of fatty acids in soaps.

 Sodium Phytate can be added to the water phase during every step in the production phase. Aqueous solutions of Sodium Phytate have a strong alkaline pH. It has to be noted that depending on the dosage the addition of Sodium Phytate can increase the pH of a formulation. This effect needs to be compensated when alkaline sensitive materials are applied in the water phase in the same step of the manufacturing process. 

Natural Chelating Agent

Use in Water Phase of formulation


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