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Scent Booster Sweet Fragrance Enhancer

Scent Booster Sweet Fragrance Enhancer

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Enhance your fragrances with our Scent Booster Sweet Fragrance Enhancer. Our expertly crafted formula uses scientific methods to boost the sweet notes in your favorite scents, adding a new level of depth and richness. Experience the full potential of your fragrances with our unique and innovative product.

How to Use

For Use During Manufacturing

Usage will vary according to specific use case, but we generally recommend between 1% and 5% of Scent Booster to your existing fragrance profile prior scenting your product.

Test using a small amount of product prior to working with a larger batch to make sure you are reaching your desired outcome.

For Use in Pre-Manufactured Goods

If using Scent Booster in a pre-made good, we recommend you do not exceed 1% of the total volume of your item. For example, if you have 50 ml of perfume you want to enhance with Scent Booster, you should not exceed 0.5 ml (approximately 10 drops.)


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