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Black Ribbed Skirt Tamper Evident 18-DIN Cap with Orifice Reducer

Black Ribbed Skirt Tamper Evident 18-DIN Cap with Orifice Reducer

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There are numerous characteristics to our Black Euro PP Tamper-Evident Ribbed Cap Orifice Dropper Assembly. a non-child-resistant PP (polypropylene) cap with black ribs. Furthermore, a PP dropper with a 0.9mm aperture. Above all, an HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Tamper Evident Ring is featured on this Ribbed Cap assembly. For example, this dropper will only fit bottles with an 18-400 neck or our 1 oz (30 ml) Euro Dropper Bottles.

As a result, the Tamper Evident ring indicates whether or not the product has been tampered with. most importantly, affixing the Orifice Dropper to the container. It makes it possible to dispense a wide range of items steadily, including essential oils, dyes, and inks. The tapered tamper-evident ring of the GBO5 Tamper-Evident Ribbed Cap Orifice Dropper is another feature.

How to Use

When you fully screw down the cap, it forces a plastic orifice reducer and inverted dropper tip into the opening of the bottle. When you flip the dropper, It allows for steady dispensing a small amount of product. When the cap is unscrewed, the tamper-evident ring is broken and the insert remains inside the bottle opening.


Q1: How does the Tamper Evident Ring provide security for this assembly?

A1: The Tamper Evident Ring acts as a visual indicator; if it's broken or missing, it suggests tampering or potential product contamination.

Q2: Is the assembly compatible with other bottle sizes besides the 18-400 neck or 1 oz bottles?

A2: This assembly is specifically designed for bottles with an 18-400 neck or our 1 oz Euro Dropper Bottles; it may not fit other bottle sizes.

Q3: Can I use this assembly for thicker substances, like dyes or inks?

A3: Yes, the assembly is versatile and can be used for a range of substances, including thicker liquids like dyes and inks.

Q4: Is the PP material safe for my products, particularly if they're consumable or for personal use?

A4: Polypropylene (PP) is known for its chemical resistance and safety, making it suitable for a variety of products, including those for personal or consumable use.

Q5: How can I control the flow when using the 0.9mm aperture on the PP dropper?

A5: The 0.9mm aperture on the PP dropper is designed for precise dispensing, allowing you to control the flow of the liquid or substance with accuracy.

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