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Black Ribbed Skirt 24-410 Fine Mist Sprayer with 178mm Dip Tube

Black Ribbed Skirt 24-410 Fine Mist Sprayer with 178mm Dip Tube

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Discover the epitome of elegance and precision with the Fine Mist Sprayer. This black PP plastic masterpiece, featuring a 24-410 ribbed skirt, is meticulously designed for an effortless fingertip spray experience. The 6.75-inch dip tube, paired with a 0.16 cc output, ensures a delicate mist of your preferred liquids, delivering a sense of luxury with every press.

This is a symphony of components working in harmony: the dip tube, cap, and a spring-loaded pump, crowned with a transparent overcap that not only showcases the sprayer's sleek design but also safeguards against inadvertent sprays. The fine mist produced by this sprayer is perfect for a variety of uses, from refreshing facial mists to fragrant room sprays.

Encased in a durable and stylish black PP plastic, this sprayer is as robust as it is refined, complementing any bottle it adorns. The clear overcap enhances the aesthetic while providing functional protection, ensuring your product is delivered with precision every time.

Ideal for containers with a 24-410 neck finish, the Fine Mist Sprayer is a fusion of form and function, a luxurious addition to any personal care line. Elevate your product with this fine mist sprayer, where each spray is a promise of perfection.

Product Specs

Diameter: 1.102in

Height: 1.102in


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