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Black Ribbed Skirt 20-410 Fine Mist Sprayer with 110mm Dip Tube

Black Ribbed Skirt 20-410 Fine Mist Sprayer with 110mm Dip Tube

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Elevate your product's precision and elegance with our Black PP Plastic Fine Mist Sprayer. Designed with a sleek 20-410 ribbed skirt, this sprayer features a fingertip pump for a controlled and fine mist application, perfect for refreshing facial mists, hair sprays, or room fragrances.

The sprayer is meticulously engineered with a 5.3-inch dip tube and offers a variable output of 0.12 - 0.16 mL, allowing for a delicate mist that evenly distributes your product. Complemented by a clear overcap, it ensures your sprays are delivered only when desired, preventing accidental discharge and preserving your product's integrity.

Constructed from robust polypropylene, this sprayer promises durability and resilience, marked by the resin identification code of 5. It's designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, thanks to PP's high melting point and exceptional resistance to fatigue.

This fine mist sprayer is not just a functional piece but also an aesthetic one. It's designed to pair perfectly with containers that have a 20-410 neck finish, offering a seamless and stylish look for your product line.

Choose this Fine Mist Sprayer for a reliable, consistent, and refined dispensing solution that enhances your customer's experience with every spray.

Product Specs

Temperature Tolerances:  0 C to 240 C

Clarity : High

Chemical Resistance: Good

Impact Resistance: Good

Rigidity: High

Scratch Resistance: Hight

Recyclable Material: Yes

Color: Black

Material: PP

Diameter: 0.9055 in

Height: 0.9055 in


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