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Black PP Plastic 58-400 Smooth Skirt Foam Lined Lid

Black PP Plastic 58-400 Smooth Skirt Foam Lined Lid

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Ensure the utmost freshness and quality of your products with the black PP plastic 58-400 smooth skirt lid, designed with a dependable F217 liner for an airtight seal. This carefully engineered lid provides peace of mind, securing your products from external elements and preserving their efficacy.

Constructed from durable polypropylene (PP), this lid is built to withstand high temperatures and resist wear over time, making it a reliable choice for a variety of containers. With its high heat tolerance and excellent fatigue resistance, it is a perfect match for products that demand longevity.

The 58-400 neck finish guarantees a seamless fit for containers with corresponding openings, maintaining the integrity and aesthetic of your packaging. The F217 foam liner within the lid is the unsung hero, ensuring that once the lid is screwed on, your product is safeguarded against leaks and contamination.

Opt for this sleek black smooth skirt lid to add a touch of sophistication to your containers while ensuring your products remain well-protected and pristine.

Product Specs

Temperature Tolerances:  0 C to 240 C

Clarity : High

Chemical Resistance: Good

Impact Resistance: Good

Rigidity: High

Scratch Resistance: High

Recyclable Material: Yes

Color: Black

Size: F217

Material: PP

Label Diameter2 in (diameter)

Diameter: 2.325 in


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