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8 oz (240 ml) Clear PET Single Wall 89-400 Jar

8 oz (240 ml) Clear PET Single Wall 89-400 Jar

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Elevate your product presentation with our 8 oz Clear PET Plastic Single Wall Jar, a packaging solution that combines functionality with crystal-clear aesthetics. This jar's 89-400 neck finish ensures a wide opening for easy access to your product, perfect for lotions, creams, serums, and more.

Crafted from durable PET, this jar offers the strength and impact resistance needed to protect your product, while its high clarity beautifully displays the contents inside. Lightweight yet sturdy, it’s an excellent choice for personal care products, offering the resilience required for everyday use.

The semi-rigid structure of this single wall jar makes it a practical choice for a range of personal care items, from hair products to skin cleansers. While ideal for formulations with essential oil concentrations up to 5% and fragrance oils up to 15%, for more potent mixtures, glass is recommended to maintain the product's integrity.

Choose this 8 oz jar for its simplicity, strength, and elegance, knowing that it will pair seamlessly with closures of the same size, completing the polished look of your product line.

Product Specs

Temperature Tolerances:  -40 C to 120 C

Clarity : High

Chemical Resistance: Good

Impact Resistance: High

Rigidity: Med

Scratch Resistance: Semi

Recyclable Material: Yes

Color: Clear

Size: 8 oz

Material: PET

Diameter: 3.688 in

Height: 1.901 in


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