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2 oz (60 ml) Clear PET Cosmo Round 20-410 Bottle

2 oz (60 ml) Clear PET Cosmo Round 20-410 Bottle

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Introducing our 2 oz Clear PET Cosmo Round Bottle – the quintessential vessel for your most cherished liquids. With its elegant, slender build and rounded shoulders, this bottle is designed not just to store but to showcase your products with crystal-clear transparency.

Crafted from durable PET, known for its high clarity and impact resistance, this bottle ensures your essential oils and fragrances are housed in style. Its lightweight design makes it a perfect travel companion or a sleek addition to any vanity.

This bottle features a precise 20-410 neck finish, ensuring a secure fit for a variety of caps. Whether for beauty serums, lotions, or spritzes, it's an ideal match for creations that speak of purity and simplicity.

Choose our Cosmo Round Bottle to elevate your product's presentation and allure, making every use a luxurious experience for your customers.

Product Specs

Temperature Tolerances: -40 C to 120 C

Clarity : High

Chemical Resistance: Good

Impact Resistance: High

Rigidity: Medium

Scratch Resistance: Semi

Recyclable Material: Yes


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