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2 oz (60 ml) Clear Glass Boston Round 20-400 Bottle

2 oz (60 ml) Clear Glass Boston Round 20-400 Bottle

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Present your premium essences in our 2 oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottle, a timeless classic that marries form and function. The Boston Round's iconic shape, with its rounded shoulders and base, is more than a container—it's a statement of elegance and quality.

Crafted from high-clarity glass, this bottle offers a pristine view of the contents inside, making it a perfect showcase for your product's natural beauty. Renowned for its chemical resistance and extreme temperature durability, glass is the ideal choice for preserving the integrity of essential oils and other sensitive formulations.

The bottle's 20-400 neck finish promises a secure seal with compatible closures, ensuring your product's freshness and longevity. Whether on a dresser, a store shelf, or in a travel bag, this Clear Glass Boston Round Bottle stands out for its purity and sophistication.

Select this glass bottle for a blend of tradition and clarity, ensuring every drop of your product is dispensed with precision and care.

Product Specs

Temperature Tolerances:  -100 C to 300 C

Clarity : High

Chemical Resistance: High

Impact Resistance: low

Rigidity: High

Scratch Resistance: High

Recyclable Material: Yes

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Diameter: 1.526 in

Height: 3.696 in


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