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Liquid Crothix

Liquid Crothix

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Liquid Crothix is a 45% active liquid thickener for aqueous surfactant systems. As an easier-to-use liquid, Liquid Crothix works especially well in cold mix systems and provides formulators with the thickening efficiency to create shampoos, body washes, shower gels and liquid soaps or other soap based-products that are economical, as well as rheologically appealing. Liquid Crothix requires no neutralization, forms no nitrosamine byproducts, and often contributes to a ‘conditioned’ feel in rinse-off products.

Liquid Crothix can be used to thicken products like shampoos, bath gels, or liquid soaps, simply by preheating the material to a temperature above 50°C and then adding it to the cold surfactant base with mixing. In most instances, the resultant blend is clear, provided the pH is 5.0 or higher. However, it is best to check each individual formulation, since some systems may become hazy if mixed this way. If desired, formulations that are quite viscous can be heated and made easier to stir. Emulsion-type products like body washes, conditioners and lotions can be easily formulated by incorporating Liquid Crothix into the oil phase and heating the mixture to a temperature above 50°C before forming the emulsion.


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