Cocoa Butter (Natural)

Cocoa Butter (Natural)

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About the product
  • Pure Cocoa Butter
  • Organic
  • Finest Quality

Pure Cocoa Butter

Our Pure  Natural Cocoa Butter (Kosher food grade)...Natural Cocoa Butter is extracted from the cocoa bean, refined for purity and left un-deodorized.  Because of the lack of deodorization, bulk natural cocoa butter has a pale yellowish or slight brown color and has the typical chocolate odor normally associated with cocoa butter.  This version has a fantastic chocolate aroma making it the cocoa butter of choice for any customer that can appreciate the natural chocolate aroma.

So what are the benefits of cocoa butter? Well, for starter's it is the primary ingredient in the commercial production of both white and milk chocolate and we all know how important chocolate is to our lives. In fact, chocolate production pretty much dominates the consumption of cocoa butter and really drives the price on this tasty commodity.

Product Gross and respective net weights:

1) Gross Weight: 8.3oz/236g

    Net Weight: 7.6oz/216g

2) Gross Weight: 15.3oz/432g

    Net Weight: 14.4oz/407g

3) Gross Weight: 55.2oz/1566g

    Net Weight: 52.6oz/1492g


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