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Pure Mango Butter

Our refined mango Butter has a melt point ranging from 86F-98.6F making it solid at room temperature. Mango Butter is commonly used in the cosmetic and food industries because of it's high oxidative stability. The unique properties of Mango Butter along with the butters high level of non-saponifiables make it a very effective emollient. Mango Butter is a great additive for products that target dry, damaged, and aging skin.


What Is Mango Butter?

As the name implies, mango butter comes from the seeds of the mango tree. Native to South Asia, mango trees are now grown in tropical locations around the world.

While the mango flesh is by far the most popular part of the fruit, the seed itself is full of health benefits. Mango seeds can be powdered, turned into butter and even have their oil extracted, depending on the processing method. When the butter is extracted, it’s heated to almost boiling until it reaches the right consistency and becomes a solid at room temperature, though it will melt on contact with your skin.

When cold-pressed from the seeds into a natural butter, mango makes a butter that is considered very similar to and because it tends to be moisturizing without being greasy.


10 Best Benefits Of Mango Butter

There’s a lot to like about the multiple uses of mango seed butter. Not only used as an ingredient for skin care products, mango butter is also considered a good alternative to dairy-based butter for cooking.

When it comes to pampering your body, mango butter is hard to beat. The butter is filled with and , two fatty acids that work to keep skin and hair soft and shiny. In the same way, mango butter is high in antioxidants and vitamins, and it has wound healing properties as well.

Some of our favorite benefits of mango seed butter are listed below.

1. Keep Your Skin Plump And Youthful

Combined together, the ingredients in mango seed butter can make a major difference for the health of your skin. Vitamin C will naturally plump up your skin and give it a firmer appearance while reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Calm Down Insect Bites

Mango butter can help ease discomfort caused by and poison ivy. Dabbing a little to where you are tender can help calm any itching and let you better recover.

3. Treat Dry Skin

Thanks to its ultra-moisturizing properties, mango butter helps prevent dry, itchy skin, making it perfect after you’ve spent too much time in the sun.

4. Improve Your Complexion

Mix in a little mango butter with your regular moisturizer, and it can make a major difference for clearing up your acne troubles.

5. Reduce Scars

No one likes to have their skin become filled with . You can achieve flawless skin again with mango butter. Simply rub some onto your stretch marks or other unsightly marks, and your skin will heal up fast.

6. Moisturizes Hair

people know how hard it is to keep their hair well hydrated, but turning to mango seed butter can give it the moisture it needs to make an effective conditioner to use while showering.

7. Heals Minor Wounds

Mango butter’s powerful moisturizing properties make it ideal for protecting your skin and even healing small cuts. Simply mix some butter with to enjoy an all-natural healing balm that works to renew your skin.

8. Treats Eczema & Psoriasis

Because it is a natural anti-inflammatory, mango butter can help control eczema and psoriasis. Make a soft cream by blending mango butter with , and you’ve created a high-quality balm that can be applied directly at the source.

9. Soothes Sunburn

Sun-damaged skin is both unhealthy and painful to live with. To soothe the initial pain of a sunburn, make a cooling cream with 2 tbsp mango butter, 2 tsp and about three drops. Whip the ingredients together with a hand mixer, and lightly smear on your damaged skin to find relief.

10. Ideal For Soap Making

For those that are addicted to their , mango seed butter is an ideal ingredient to use. This butter helps produce hard bars that last through dozens of uses while still providing a rich, conditioning lather.




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